Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mulching and more Mulching

We now have all our plants in and on Friday we decided to get some mulch, not just some though it was a massive 6m3. So we started the job on Saturday and seeing that I was working at 6 I did as much as I could possibly do. Scott went on to do some more too. But time did get away from us. I have just had 2 days off while Scott has been working  (lucky for some) and I  have managed to move about 2/3 of the 6m3 onto the beds, meanwhile using a plastic wheel barrow thing that holds only 48L and a bucket, so imagine how backbreaking it was for me to try and move 6000lt of it. There is still plenty left so I will slowly add a little here and there. But all in all I am happy with how it looks I am just not happy about the amount that still  needs moving..... my back and shoulders as so so sore. I think I might have a Radox bath tonight.  So have a look at the pics and see what comes of 2 days of back breaking work and 6m3 of mulch.

We have put some Port wine Magnolias for a hedging on both boundaries.

Little pretty flowers for the letterbox with an Aggi either side.

 A few different types of Grevillea

Blue and white Agapanthus with grass plants in between.
pitty when we planted them we forgot to alternate the colours.

Our garden from th front door.

Garden bed 1.6 wide by 11.3 long... alot of mulch.
Lilly Pillies ( resistant) 9 in total.. and some Calistemons (bottlebrush)

Our first tree (2010) Norfolk sitting nicely in the corner.

Garden bed 1.6m wide by 16.5m long...
again alot of much. Lillies and Grevilleas

The bee on the fence in a birds nest for our future resident
birdies along with a little bird bath

Our Herbs thriving once again.

The 48Lt tub.

This bucket doesn't hold that much mulch.

Whats left of the mulch. I could not see the tree when we first got the mulch.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Finishing Touches.

Well it has been a little while since our last post only because we wanted to wait until the Driveway and grass was down.  
Here are a few pics.

Finally a driveway

Getting ready for the turf

To be grassed, outside chill out room.

Our little patio out the back, for my Jacuzzi (wishing), Scott
wants a BBQ out there.

Garden beds 1.6m deep. Enough room for heaps of plants.


The big shadow on the garage door is our turf guys sign.
The garden bed to the left is going to be full with gorgeous natives,
and if Scott gets his way a bottle QLD bottle tree will be in the middle.

Our Fancy Letterbox


That is our castle all done. The Journey has been amazing and we are so happy that we were able to see our dream turn into a reality. I will put up one more post when the plants are in, I want mainly Aussie native to attract the birds.

So now it is up to you to come and visit and see for yourself our little piece of paradise.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Settling in quite nicely.

It has been just over a month since hand over and we have been living here for about 3 weeks (not sure of the exact first sleep). The house is now liveable and we really don't have that much more to do inside except for some art for the walls. On the weekend our wonderful Bro-in-law came up to tile our alfresco and wow what a job. So now we can sit out on the alfresco and enjoy out little piece of paradise. The driveway has been down now for 2.5 weeks just waiting for the concreter to covercrete it, but due to crap weather he keeps on pushing the date back, which is having a knock-on affect on landscaping.

Enjoy the pics. 
Living Room

Living/Dining and Alfresco

Gorgeous tiles go with our gorgeous wicker setting.

My view while I was having breakfast

Chill out room

Gorgeous Kitchen to Alfresco

Lovely Study


My herbs

Nice Pantry
Main Bed

View from main bed to Alfresco
Walk in robe

Bed 2 - guest bed and also when we have conflicting shifts.

TV room

Bed 3

Bed 4

 Pics of the Broski doing what he does best.

Great Tiler! This is the magical moment our Tiler laid two tiles at once in perfect placement. Not often you see that happen.

Concentrate now boys

Not sure what is happening here

View from our little patio (where I hope to put a jacuzzi
someday soon)

Is that a yoga pose?

Job well done